Saskatoon RC Diocese
Monday 27th of April

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  • Life-Giving Love

    National Campaign in Favour of Palliative Care and Against Euthanasia

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Ministry Development

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Diocesan Prayer

Lord please be the guiding light in the darkness for those in and around Kathmandu who are affected by the earthquake. Help to rescue the trapped and the wounded, send your angels to comfort and to lead by the hand all those who need help.

Have mercy on the souls of those taken, and help immediate medical care get through to the injured, and bring to safe harbour all who are running scared, hiding or lost. Help those making temporary infrastructure, shelters, hospitals, roads, and morgues, those repairing power lines and getting supplies and expertise through to the needy. Protect them all from aftershocks and further tremors.

Be strength to the weak, balm to the broken-hearted, calm to the traumatised, warmth to the cold, supplying clean water and food to all who need it. Then begin the long road to healing, dear Lord, and stay always to pour loving kindness on this place and these people.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Education of the Laity Fund

With the aim of continuing to invest in the education of lay Catholics, the Diocese of Saskatoon has an Education of Laity Fund.

Covenant of Care

The Covenant of Care is a code of conduct designed to create safe and respectful church communities and healthy ministerial relationships, and to protect people from abuse and the harm that results. 

Hospital Care
1. Call Céline at 292-5531 (cell). OR 2.Call the Spiritual Care office. 655-1249 for both RUH (Royal University Hospital) & City Hospital and ask to have the Catholic hospital Chaplain called or leave a message with the SHR secretary.

Eucharistic Adoration Times & Locations

Join any of the parishes for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Justice and Peace Parish Reports

Here are some of the ways that parishes are working in charity and in justice to address poverty and the suffering that it causes:

Spiritual Direction

Do you:

You find yourself wanting a deeper relationship with God;
Your search for God is at a crossroad;
You want to explore new ways to pray or if prayer has become difficult;
You feel the need for someone to help in discerning the call of God for you;
You desire a companion on the spiritual journey.

Problems in your Marriage?

Is your marriage or that of a relative or friend heading for divorce?

Do you know how to save that marriage?

Year of Consecrated Life

The Year of Consecrated Life, declared by Pope Francis, honouring all the women and men religious -- sisters, brothers, priests -- in a huge variety of religious orders, as well as consecrated laity.