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Foundations, "Exploring Our Faith Together" is a faith enrichment program for adults offered in the fall and spring of each liturgical year. Parishes choose topics from a prepared list and sessions ranging from 1 to 5 evenings are arranged. Sessions are publicized in diocesan publications, and are also posted on the diocesan website. Resource people for parish retreats are also available upon request.

Contact: Rita Taylor at the Catholic Pastoral Centre, second floor, Cathedral of the Holy Family, 123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon. Phone: (306) 242-1500 or direct line: (306) 659-5831 or toll free: 1-877-661-5005, Extension 831; or E-mail Rita at logistics [at]

("Foundations: Exploring Our Faith Together" is supported by the Bishop's Annual Appeal.)


Past sessions:

Lenten Series 2017

Lenten series poster 2017


Past sessions:

Diocesan Series Autumn 2016

Christian Study of Islam: An Introduction

Christian Study of Islam: An Introduction - This Foundations: Exploring Our Faith Together series was held over five evenings, featuring a number of speakers, including a guided visit to a mosque Nov. 8 (located at 222 Copland Crescent, Saskatoon) and a panel discussion Nov. 15 at the Cathedral of the Holy Family in Saskatoon (find more details of the schedule below). This was a pioneer course in our region of western Canada, organized by Sr. Phyllis Kapuscinski, NDS; Fr. Colin Clay (Anglican); and Fr. Bernard de Margerie (Roman Catholic). Muslim presenters also participated, including Sheikh Imam Ilyas Sidyot, whose website is at:


Reading list:

Power Point from Dr. Anderson (Oct. 25 session)

Handout from Dr. Roland E. Miller (Nov. 3 session):

Notes of public lecture Nov. 3 "Relationship of the Qur'an and the Bible" by Dr. Roland E. Miller:

News article about Dr. Roland Miller presentation:

News article about Oct. 18 introductory session:

News article about final presentation in series, including panelists Nov. 15, 2016:

News article about guided visit to Mosque Nov. 8, 2016:

The schedule for the series, which ended Nov. 15:

  • Oct. 18, 2016 - Introduction of the course as an undertaking of Christian faith and hope seeking understanding presented by Fr. Bernard de Margerie 7 p.m. Holy Family Cathedral, 123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon.This course is about Christian believers studying out of the depth of their own Christian tradition how to genuinely understand and relate to Islam. 
  • Oct. 25, 2016 - Introduction to the Qur'an with Imam Ilyas Sidyot, 7 p.m. Holy Family Cathedral, 123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon. Also included a brief history of Christian-Muslim engagement over the centuries, with Dr. Brenda Anderson. 
  • Nov. 3, 2016 -  The relationship of the Bible and Qur'an -- including the Qur'anic understanding of Jesus - an enlarged, public lecture with Dr. Roland E. Miller and responder Imam Ilyas Sidyot, 7 pm. at Holy Family Cathedral, 123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon.
  • Nov. 8, 2016 - A guided visit to Saskatoon Islamic Association Mosque, 222 Copland Crescent, Saskatoon, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8.
  • Nov. 15, 2016 - "Called to prayer?" by Fr. Bernard de Margerie, and a panel discussion on "Where do we go from here?" were presented 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15 at Cathedral of the Holy Family, 123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon.

"I cannot help thinking that it is urgent, especially today, when Christians and Muslims have entered into a new phase of history, to recognize and develop the spiritual bonds that unite them." (Saint John Paul II, Ankara, Nov. 29, 1979)


Past sessions:

Lenten Series 2015: The Name of God is Mercy

Pope Francis has declared an Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy to help the world re-awaken to the unending, eternal, amazing mercy of our God. In spring 2015, the year of mercy was explored in a reflective, prayerful Lenten journey, featuring insights from Bishop Donald Bolen Feb. 21, Bishop Emeritus Gerald Wiesner, OMI, Feb. 28 and author/theologian Leah Perrault March 6 -- the three sessions were held at 2 p.m. Sundays at the Cathedral of the Holy Family, 123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon.

SCHEDULE for "The Name of God is Mercy" Lenten Series included: 

bishop don bolen

"Mercy At The Heart of Things" - Bishop Don Bolen - 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016

Bishop Don explored how mercy is at the very foundation of who God is, how God's mercy is revealed at the depths of human experience, and how it is revealed in a definiative and redeeming way in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Bishop Don also spoke on some of the ways that Pope Francis' ministry and teaching have drawn renewed attention to the mercy of God. 

"Blessed Are They Who Show Mercy" - Bishop Gerry Wiesner, OMI - 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016

bishop gerry wienser

The celebration of the Year of Mercy has been an opportunity to reflect more deeply on God's mercy, to see how we benefit from and receive that mercy in our lives, and to remind us to show that mercy to our sisters and brothers in our daily lives. Pope Francis reminds us that we are steeped in mercy so that we can go out to every man and woman, bringing the good news: the tenderness and mercy of God. God speaks as the God of Mercy. Jesus is the face of the Father's mercy. This is made manifest in his personal relationships, the signs he worked, the parables he told, his direct. teaching. Jesus gave the directive "Be merciful, just as your Fatheer is merciful" (Luke 6:36). How does this unfold in our lives?

leah perrault

"Fostering a Spirituality of Mercy" - Leah Perrault - 2 p.m. Sunday, March 6, 2016         

If the world needs the Father's mercy, then our call is to embody it. The spiritual and corporal acts of mercy have long been given as a guide, yet feeding the hungry, burying the dead, sharing our knowledge and bearing wrongs patiently are overwhelming undertakings that often elude us. This session offered an opportunity in Lent to spend some time with mercy in your own experience, and spot the little ways for injecting mercy that can change your heart and overflow into the lives of others.


Past sessions:

Diocesan Series 2015:

 Pope Francis' Vision on Care for our Common Home


Sr. Judy Schactel, SMS, and Dr. Chris Hrynkow explored Pope Francis' social encyclical, Laudato Si'

Pope Francis' efforts to foster social, cultural and religious sustainability were highlighted during this three-session series at St. Paul Co-Cathedral, 720 Spadina Crescent, Saskatoon at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 21, Monday, Sept. 28, and Monday, Oct. 5


Monday, Sept. 21, 2015 - 7 p.m. - Integral Ecology and Our Common Home

In Laudato Si' and through his other teachings and actions, Pope Francis has developed a view of the world that sees humans as existing in a series of intertwined relationship with self, neighbour, creation, and God. This session unpacked that view and explore some of its implications for the way people of faith think about life on this planet.

Monday, Sept. 28, 2015 - 7 p.m. - Contemporary Crises, Ecological Education, and Eco-Spirituality

Pope Francis argues that the human family now faces interrelated social, ecological, and cultural crises. This session looked at both Francis' description of these challenges and the pope's suggested cures in the areas of ecological education and eco-spirituality.

Monday, Oct. 3, 2015 - 7 p.m. - The Gospel of Creation and Green Action

Laudato Si' offers a green reading of the joy and hope of the gospel as one of its key foundations for social and ecological action to heal a planetary community in trouble. This session explored that foundation in conversation with a selection of the many practical recommendations for green living and political action that Francis presents in his first social encyclical.


Past sessions:

Lenten Series 2015: Prayerful Reflection

lenten series windows image

The Light of Glory in Prairie Skies: Salvation History in the Stained Glass of Holy Family Cathedral

A prayerful, poetic and theological reflection on salvation history was presented in Lent 2015, with Bishop Donald Bolen and Agnes Pelletier.

2 p.m. Sunday, March 1, 2015 – Creation and Covenant: God’s glory fills the universe in the ongoing and ever-renewing act of creation. Likewise, God’s neverending love echoes through every generation, in the promise to be with us always. 

2 p.m. Sunday, March 15, 2015 – Annunciation and Incarnation: The eternal son of God shares our humanity, coming among us with Mary’s “Fiat.” The Archangel Gabriel’s invitation is also a call to let Christ be born in us, here and now, in this time and place – in sacrament, in word, and in one another.

2 p.m. Sunday, March 29, 2015 – Resurrection and Glory: Salvation comes through Jesus, continues through the work of the Holy Spirit within us, and will one day bring us to eternal life.

For more information contact Sharon Powell at the diocesan Office of Foundations: Exploring Our Faith Together at (306) 659-5831 or foundations [at]


Past sessions:

Great Catholic Thinkers

This series was presented by the diocesan Foundations office on five Monday evenings in the fall of 2014 at Holy Family Cathedral, 123 Nelson Road, Saskatoon.

  • Sept 29, 2014 - St. Thomas Aquinas - “Better to illuminate than to Shine: the life and thought of the Dumb Ox, Angelic Doctor and Common Teacher of the Catholic Faith - Thomas Aquinas” presented by Dr. Jordan Olver. 
  • Oct. 6, 2014 - St. Augustine - “A Restless Heart’s Contribution to Catholic Thought: An Evening on Augustine of Hippo” presented by Dr. Chris Hrynkow. 
  • Oct. 27, 2014 - Dorothy Day - “Don’t Call Me a Saint: An Evening Mapping the Contributions of Dorothy Day to Catholic Thought and Practice” presented by Dr. Chris Hrynkow. 
  • Nov. 17, 2014 - Fr. Karl Rahner, SJ - “The First Modern Theologian: Fr. Karl Rahner, SJ, Linking Ancient Theology and Philosophy with Modern Thought” presented by Bishop Gerald Wiesner. 
  • Nov. 24, 2014 - Hans Urs von Balthasar - “It’s True because it is Beautiful: The Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar” presented by Blake Sittler. 

"The Joy of the Gospel" by Pope Francis: An Introduction

This Foundations: Exploring Our Faith series in spring 2014 offered a clear overview of Pope Francis' latest letter to the faithful. Entitled The Joy of the Gospel, the letter lays out the Holy Father's vision for a renewed missionary spirit in the whole church: credible, strong and energized for a new evangelization in these times.
Presenters were: Father Bernard de Margerie and Sister Teresita Kambeitz
Location: St. Paul's Co-Cathedral, Bishop Mahoney Hall, 720 Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon, SK
Session One - March 19, 2014  - The dynamite of encountering Jesus, the Risen Lord.
Session Two - March 26, 2014  - The lens through which we view our world, critically and appreciatively, as faithful disciples of the Risen Lord.
Session Three - April 2, 2014 - What we can learn from inclusion of the poor in society, and from social dialogue; how we can avoid spiritual power outages and direct our vitality toward life in abundance" (John 10:10.)


Past sessions:

2014 Lenten Prayer Retreat: Life is prayer

Led by Gisele Bauche on three Monday evenings in Lent 2014 at the Cathedral of the Holy Family, this Lenten retreat invited us to “Come and Pray” with different forms of prayer: Meditation, Lectio Divina and Taize Prayer, centred on the scriptural readings from the Gospel of Saint John, heard the Sunday before:

The Woman at the Well - March 24, 2014

The Man Born Blind - March 31, 2014

The Raising of Lazarus - April 7, 2014


Past sessions:

The Spiritual Journey of Saint Paul and Our Journey -  with Sr. Teresita Kambeitz, OSU

St. Paul icon image

The Spiritual Journey of Saint Paul and Our Journey

A ten part series to celebrate The Year of Saint Paul (brochure).

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