Saskatoon RC Diocese

Easter Message from Diocesan Administrator Fr. Kevin McGee

During the recent Ad Limina visit of the Western Canadian Bishops in Rome, I had the privilege of visiting the final burial places of both St. Peter and St. Paul.  As I stood before their sacred relics housed within the majestic basilicas that honour them, I felt a profound sense of connecting with the entire body of the Church, both past and present.  Jesus, glorious and risen from the dead, is present to all times, peoples and ages, and continues His mission through the members of His body – those who have gone before us, like St. Peter and St. Paul, and those of us who continue our earthly pilgrimage, like you and I.  Each of us, through our words, actions and the way we respond to the demands and challenges of daily life, are called to be witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus.  This Easter, may we all be renewed in our commitment to live with the Risen Lord as our center and the source of our life so that those who meet us can truly say as did Mary Magdalene on that first Easter morning, “I have seen the Lord!”

May the blessings and peace of our Risen Lord be with you all!

Fr. Kevin McGee,

Diocesan Administrator, Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon

easter blessings

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